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BSE Mission Statement

The Bahamas Society of Engineers is a multi-faceted organization dedicated to the promotion of the Arts, Science and Engineering practices and the Allied Arts and Sciences in the Bahamas. One of the primary goals of the organization is to advance the standards of engineering in the Bahamas as well as promote the exchange of information among Engineers and other members of the public. The Society encourages original research and seeks to foster engineering education and professional training.


The Bahamas Society of Engineers is led by a Board of Executives and Directors as dictated by its constitution. The Board is elected every two years at a general membership meeting.

Current 2017 - 2019 BSE Officers/Board Members

President - Quentin Knowles

Vice President - Antoine Sands

Treasurer - Zanda Bonamy

Secretary - Quincy Johnson

Director - Neilsen Beneby

Director - Wellington Neely

Director - Alban Smith

Director - Antonne Taylor

Director - Dave Taylor

Immediate Past President - DeCosta Bethel

BSE History

In 1997, a group of Engineers from both the Private and Public Sector began meeting at the Bahamas Tourism Training Center and were primarily focused on establishing what might be done with the void that existed in the engineering community. At that time, the only Engineering body that existed was the Bahamas Institution of Professional Engineers (BIPE), a group that still exists today and that can be credited for pioneering the development of Engineers in this country. However, over time, it was largely felt by many Engineers in the community that the group no longer represented the needs of Engineers and did not provide a real voice for the concerns in the Engineering community.  There was also no avenue for Engineers to provide service to the community or a platform for Engineers to speak out against developments by any interest group that would threaten the health, safety and welfare of the public.

A decision was made by the growing numbers of Engineers attending these meetings to form a new Engineering body in the Bahamas. The title, Bahamas Society of Engineers (BSE) was adopted by vote for the name of the group and on the evening of June 24, 1998 the first election of officers was held making Mr. Hammond Rahming the founding president. Also elected to serve were DeCosta Bethel- Vice-President; Peter Gordon- Secretary; Sonia Brown- Assistant Secretary and Adrian Rollins- Treasurer. The Directors of the Board were Kevin Basden, Melanie Roach, Patrick Hanna, Dwight King, Lambert Knowles, Carleton Blair and Racquel Greene. The first registry of members consisted of just over fifty members of varied Engineering disciplines and spanning a wide range of service years.

There were several factors that influenced the manner in which this new body proposed to function. First, and of greatest significance, was the fact that the Ministry of Public Works was in the process of making substantial changes to the current Bill for the Registration of Engineers. The Proposed Bill would no longer provide the authority for engineering registration to a particular engineering body, but rather, a Board would be established by the government to carry out this task.   Secondly, the organization needed to provide a progressive, more inclusive and forward-looking approach for its members.

Past BSE Presidents

President’s Name | Service Year:

Engineer Hammond Rahming | 1998-2000
(Founding President, Fellow Member, Retired)

Engineer Sonia Brown | 2000-2002
(Principal, Graphite Engineering Ltd.)

Engineer Cyprian Gibson | 2002-2007
(Manager, Water & Sewage)

Engineer Jerome Elliott | 2007-2009
(Assistant General Manager, Bahamas Electricity Corporation)

Engineer Robert Reiss | 2009-2011
(Principal, Reiss Engineering)

Engineer Melanie Roach | 2011-2013
(Principal, Shepherd U Management Company)


In efforts to foster a relationship between the government agencies and the engineering community, The Bahamas Society of Engineers arranges numerous Courtesy Calls on government officials throughout the year.

Detailed information on what transpired during these meetings can be found on the Publications Page.

The Peter Gordon Scholarship Fund

Scholarship Fund History

In 2007, the Bahamas Society of Engineers decided to form the Peter Gordon Memorial Scholarship Fund in tribute to Honorary BSE Member, Mr. Peter Gordon, whom passed in May 2007. Since the Society’s inception, Engineer Gordon was an avid member and supporter of the Society and its Members. He was the first Secretary of the Bahamas Society of Engineers and assisted the organization greatly in its formative years. After retiring from the workforce, Engineer Gordon spent time mentoring and assisting young engineering graduates, many of whom went on to obtain their professional certifications. As a result of his substantial contributions to the engineering community, the Society granted Engineer Gordon the Honorary Membership title which represents Lifetime Membership in the Society. Additionally, Engineer Gordon was a Fellow Member of several other organizations including but not limited to: The Institute of Civil Engineers and The Institution of Highways and Transportation.

The professional career of Engineer Gordon spanned over forty-four (44) years and encompassed all spheres of Civil Engineering. He started his career as a Graduate Engineer in Linconshire, England in 1960 where he worked in the field for many years before coming to the Bahamas. In 1979, Engineer Gordon joined the Bahamas Ministry of Public Works where he served for fourteen years in the following capacities: Director of Works (1982 to 1993); Special Projects Coordinator (1993 - 1996). He retired from the Ministry of Public Works in 1996.

Scholarship Fund Sponsors

The Bahamas Society of Engineers would like to recognize and thank the numerous sponsors for their contributions and support to the organization’s scholarship fund. If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund, please contact the BSE Scholarship Committee Chairperson. (Link to the Contact Us page)

Links to other Scholarship Funds:

Cable Bahamas Cable Cares Foundation

Lyford Cay Scholarship Foundation

BSE Scholarship Fund Sponsors

Corporate Bronze (Donation: $500 - $999)

  • Anthony Farrington

  • Back Office Services

  • Bradley King

  • Burnmeister & Wain Caribbean Contractors

  • Chris Symonette & Associates

  • Cyprian Gibson

  • Dave Taylor

  • Dennis Nairn

  • Hammond and Asha Rahming

  • Integrated Building Services

  • Islands by Design

  • Quentin Knowles

  • Reiss Engineering

  • Rotary Club of East Nassau

  • South Eleuthera Each One, Help One Education Foundation

  • Taylor Industries

  • Thomas Mabon

  • Waste Not

Corporate Silver (Donation: $1,000 - $2,499)

  • Advanced Technical Enterprises

  • Bahamas Home & Builders Show

  • CSB Consultants Ltd.

  • Engineering Technical Services

  • Florida Aquastore

  • Institution of Civil Engineers

  • Melanie Roach

  • TSG, the Solutions Group

Corporate Gold (Donation: $2,500 - $4,999)

  • Bahamas Hot Mix

  • Caribbean Coastal Services Ltd.

  • McAce Technical Services

Corporate Platinum (Donation: $5,000 or greater)

  • Cable Cares Foundation

  • Ledcor/Woslee Construction


Canadian Society for Civil Engineering http://www.csce.ca/

The CSCE is a learned society intended to develop and maintain high standards of civil engineering practice in Canada and to enhance the public image of the civil engineering profession. The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering promotes the development, acquisition and exchange of professional knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering. Supportive of the work of academics and private institutions and different organizations that deal with Civil Engineering since 1887 and working with sister organizations, the CSCE also promotes Civil Engineering among the general public and governmental institutions in Canada and abroad.

In June 2001, the BSE signed an Agreement of Cooperation with the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers. Potential benefits of the Agreement were: assistance with drafting and lobbying for Engineer's Bill, Employment exchange, Technical Assistance, and Speakers exchange.

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce  http://www.thebahamaschamber.com/

The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization which represents a wide cross-section of private sector businesses in The Bahamas. They have a membership base of more than 500 registered companies from various industries including tourism, which as The Bahamas’ main industry accounts for 75% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Other industries that they represent include banking and finance, retail, construction and light manufacturing.  In 2014, the Bahamas Society of Engineers signed a Memorandum of Understanding to become a Professional Association of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce.

The Bahamas Contractor’s Association http://www.bahamascontractors.org/

The Bahamian Contractors’ Association was established in 1959 out of a need for the collaboration and organization of contractors to promote the advancement of the construction industry through the adoption of regulation and good practice.  As a non-profit organization, the BCA is highly regarded as the recognized representative body for the interests of its members and acts as the voice for the construction industry throughout the Bahamas.

The Institute of Architects http://www.bahamasarchitects.com/

Until the early 1970s, there were few Bahamian architects. Most of the architectural work was undertaken by foreign architects, some resident, some not. However, in the early 1970s came a new attitude and many young Bahamians returned from studying architecture abroad.  This group of architects, led by Rodney Brayen, Amos Ferguson and Anthony Jervis set up the IBA as an organization that specifically deals with the many issues facing Bahamian architects.  One of the main platforms was the legal recognition and registration of architects. This was realized in the Architects Registration Act 1994 and the setting up of the Professional Architects Board.

The Professional Engineer’s Board http://www.pebahamas.org/

The Government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas enacted the Professional Engineers Act 2004 to regulate and control the practice of professional engineering in The Bahamas. The Act established the Professional Engineers Board to administer the Act and regulate the practice of professional engineering in accordance with the Act.

The Professional Engineers Board (PEB) is comprised of seven Members appointed by the Minister of Public Works, all of whom are registered professional engineers. The Chairman of the PEB is elected by the Board Members. The Registrar is responsible for performing various Board functions, including (but not limited to) establishing and maintaining the Register of Professional Engineers which contains the list of all Professional Engineers who are duly registered and thereby authorized to practice professional engineering in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.
The Bahamas Society of Engineers highlights its contribution to youth development through the Peter Gordon Scholarship Fund and fosters educational development through its Student Membership and Summer Intern Programs.


Students who join BSE can take advantage of membership programs and benefits.  Detailed information on becoming a student member can be found on the Membership Page.


The Student Intern Program is a way of offering assistance to young engineers needing experience in the workforce while simultaneously providing student assistance for engineering firms and business offices.  Internship opportunities can be paid positions or used as a practical training forum.  All intern hours, tasks, stipends and rules are strictly between the firm and the student.

Paid Internships

Students are given a weekly or monthly stipend to cover the amount of work performed at the firm or institution.

Practical Training Internships (Unpaid)

The intern is asked to spend several hours a week at the firm assisting in minor duties that will provide engineering insight.

Intern Positions Available

Coming Soon!


Student - Antoine_Adderley